Going Crazy!


Broken Computer

It’s been a year since I published UNMASKED (the sequel to Behind the Mask) and I’m still currently working on the third and final installment to the series. And though the writing part has been going fine, the issue I’m having with it, I keep flip-flopping on the timeline. I didn’t do this with the first book, and I didn’t do this with the second one either, but for some reason, I’m obsessed with going back and forth with it in the third.

I started writing it with a clear vision of a specific time frame but then changed my mind.  Then while I was writing it with the new timeline, I wasn’t feeling it, so I opted to go back to the original idea. To say, I’m pulling my hair out and making myself crazy would be a major understatement. But I also thrive on the craziness. Why? I have no idea. I will admit, I did flip-flop in the sequel but only with a location. In fact, I scrapped an entire section, then rewrote it and added things throughout the book to make it all fit. So, for me to flip-flop while writing this book, is NOT shocking in the least…it’s pretty much expected. I just wish I could find my footing and get my s**t together!

Anyway, once I stick with a timeline, I’m hoping to start posting some teasers soon.