Unmasked (Sequel to Behind the Mask)



Cover design:  Bespoke Book Covers

No longer the man behind the mask or the frightened young woman locked inside the bank vault, fugitive Liam Matthews, and his former hostage, Remi Catalano has come a long way since then. But their unlikely bond and unexpected friendship are now being tested by Liam’s sudden departure on New Year’s Eve. However, life, as they say, does go on, and for Remi, she has managed just fine on her own. With an exciting new job and a newfound sense of empowerment, Remi appears happy. But deep down, Liam’s absence has left a void in her life that nothing else can fill. His decision to leave seemed like his only option at the time, but the appeal of traveling wanes quickly as he’s mentally pulled back to Philadelphia, a place that holds the grandmother he adores, the career he excels at, and Remi, his trusted confidant. On the other hand, the city also harbors a heist investigation that has greatly intensified, old nemeses lurking in the shadows, and a past he cannot escape. Returning to Philly is a huge gamble, one that Liam must decide if the risk is worth taking.


Available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle/Kindle App.

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